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Video library

Laura's library of on-demand Yoga, breathwork, meditation, relaxation and Pilates videos for you to buy and keep, with no need to subscribe. You can find workshop recordings below too. For live-streamed corporate wellness classes, click here.


Deep relaxation focussed classes. Little or slow movement, and a focus on peeling back layers and uncovering something new.


Inspired by Vinyasa; the most popular Yoga lineage in the world. Dynamic, fluid, breath-connected movement. For all levels.



A dynamic strong expression of Yoga, inspired by Ashtanga Yoga. All levels welcome though some experience of Yoga is useful.



Dive deep into your practice with our 90 minute specialist workshop recordings.

Workshop recordings
  • An overview of the anatomy and science behind breathing & lung health. Expect a gentle 30 minute Yoga flow with integrated breathwork, and a breath ritual practice with Bramahri, breath of fire and Kumbhaka Pranayama. PROPS: Notebook, bolster(cushion) & mint leaves
  • An immersive classical Yoga practice in which we explore the roots, philosophy and culture of Yoga to gain a clearer understanding of the practice both on and off the mat. In this traditional 'eastern' style practice, we'll explore philosophy to help you deepen and expand your practice. PROPS: Mat.
  • Poems are like friends; you remember them and they make you feel a certain way. I’ve always found poetry and music to be powerful tools for exploring and feeling our human experience. Expect deep relaxation session with gentle movement, breathwork and relaxation. PROPS: Blankies & cushions.
  • Mastering headstand requires faith and confidence first and foremost; it isn’t a great feat of strength. If you have a consistent Yoga practice, and understand your core, you’ll get there in no time. Expect a full class with a variety of headstand entries and mobility drills. PROPS: Yoga Brick.

For free videos including shorter guided relaxation & breathwork, get the app.

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