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Please note we have a 24hr cancellation policy. We will use discretion and understand in a corporate setting, sometimes last-minute unforeseen changes arise, but we retain the right to charge in full for late cancellations especially if it is on a repeat basis.



All out team members have their own personal liability insurance of up to £5 million. We ask that your instructor is always made aware of any prior issues/injuries and that you vocalize any feelings of discomfort or confusion during class; YCL instructors cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused (please note injuries are rare, and in our 8 years running we’ve never had any issues with this).


YFL clients are invoiced monthly, and payment can be made only by bank transfer unless otherwise arranged. Prices are agreed prior to the first booking, these may change from time to time for ongoing bookings.



Booking must be made directly through YCL. If it’s easier for you to book upcoming classes directly with your instructors, please let us know, and please CC in to any direct email correspondence with your instructor. Following the termination of services, the former YCL teacher is not permitted to work with the client for 12 months after the date of their final session independently of YCL. If the former teacher continues to teach the client within the 12 month period after the final class, the client will be obligated to reimburse YCL for the full amount paid to the teacher for these classes.



All our teaching materials, including presentations & workshop ideas are not permitted to be distributed beyond the client’s employees without prior consent. Classes can only be filmed or streamed with prior consent of YFL chief Yogis.



We protect and respect your privacy. We don’t share any personal information with any third parties nor rent, sell, disclose or distribute your information to any outside parties.

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