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Dana is a way of giving in Yogic philosophy. The word Dana in Sanskrit means “donation,” “gift” or “giving away as charity.” In some schools of yoga and Hinduism, it is one of the duties or moral observances known as the Niyamas (part of the 8 limbs of Yoga).

We strive to practice a holistic form of Yoga and as such take our Dana seriously. We collect donations and run charitable events to raise money for a variety grassroots charities, and to provide low-cost wellness classes to charity and government sectors. We've delivered classes to homeless communities, refugees, NHS and London prison staff. 

Please help us cultivate and grow our Dana.

How to Donate:

You can pop some change in our donations tin at The Glasshouse studio, you can transfer your donation directly to Laura (bank details in The Glasshouse) or pay here via Paypal (please select friends & family so we don't pay a fee on it):

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