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Corporate Wellbeing

Get Up. Go to work. Eat. Hit the gym. Drink. Go home. Repeat. Right? WRONG...

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The Method

Yoga Collective London's corporate Yoga & wellness classes use positive psychology cues and intelligent, creative movement to inspire, uplift, and transform. Classes are inclusive and non-dogmatic. NO fads, and no cliché Yoga music.

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The Collective

Meet London’s most inspiring instructors headhunted from London’s top studios and members clubs. Yoga Collective London instructors are highly qualified experts with at least 5 yrs experience plus our in-house inclusive positive psychology training. 

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The Clients

We have a wild and wonderful variety of clients, from media & tech, to law, banking, athletes and even government sector. The one thing our clients have in common is they're discerning. They work hard, and they deserve to relax and unwind hard too...

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Yoga Collective London Online

Livestream the magic to wherever you are.

“Through the synthesis of mindful movement and positive psychology, we can re-imagine our London lives…”

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