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Corporate Wellbeing

Get Up. Go to work. Eat. Hit the gym. Drink. Go home. Repeat. Right? WRONG...

The Method

Infuse your day with something uplifting. Re-imagine your London life and learn to live it mindfully. Yoga Collective London's corporate Yoga & wellness classes use positive psychology & intelligent, creative movement to inspire, transform. Classes are inclusive & non-dogmatic. NO fads, and no cliché music.



The Crew

The Yoga Collective London team comprises of London’s most inspiring instructors headhunted from London’s top studios and members clubs. They’re highly qualified experts with at least 5 yrs teaching experience plus our Yoga Collective London in-house inclusive positive psychology training.


Meet our chief Yogi; Laura Pearce.



The Clients



Yoga Collective London Online

Discover positive Psychology infused livestreamed & on-demand Yoga flows and fitness to uplift, reconnect, and make space for a shift towards a more positive mindset.

“Through the alchemy of mindful movement and positive psychology, we can re-imagine our London lives…”

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