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thats why you get hit in the hand with a hammer boot the iso with uefi, and then edit grub :D aha what Rode2: you can boot the usb from uefi if it's fat32 so, uefi is where i want to go from this point on? that's what you need to do yea, i know just boot the iso in uefi mode, then press the key at the bottom when it says "press to boot x86/x64" oh yeah thanks! i got it i gotta make this windows 10 install use uefi oh, Rode2, then click on it, and it should get the windows installer to install it nope the size of the iso is too big it only boots from usb anyways i got it installed on a laptop. all the networking files are there so now i need a desktop my motherboard is an intel i3-4030 so i want to use the latest graphics drivers should i use the yeah ok ill just boot it from a windows disc it needs extension hopefully this new install will work better i tried to delete the /home directory in the installer but it didnt work it says the filesystem is read only i guess windows is fat32 and uefi isnt reading it you said uefi is better for intel boards and v



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