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Online Courses

Purchase one of our carefully curated online courses, to deepen and expand your Practices; bringing you daily calm.

What's Included?

5 guided meditation audio and video files tailored do deepening and expanding various aspects of your meditation practice. Each session is 15-20 mins, suitable for all levels. Once purchased, log in for course access.

Intro Video

(See below) to give you a better idea of how to use this course.

1) - Morning Meds (Video) 

Move into your day with calm and clarity; a meditation for awakening to our inner intentions.

2) - Clear The Cache (Audio)

A mid-day 'refresh' meditation, to clear the brain cache, and boost creativity. For when the mind starts to 'lag'.

3) - Walking Meditation (Audio)

Get out of the house, and go for a walk. Meditating on the beat of your footsteps, and scenery as it unfolds around you. Use this one any time of day, during your lunch break, commute, or dog walk.

4) - Lean in to your life (Audio)

A mindfulness meditation, exploring the mindscape, coming home to our thoughts, feelings, moods and stressors, leaning into the background noise, and letting it go. For whenever you feel overwhelmed. 

5) - Bedtime Story Meditation (Audio)

Lie down and listen before bed, to prepare you for a deep, and restful sleep.

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