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Covid Safety Framework For Glasshouse Yoga

In ACCORDANCE with UK Active and guidlines, we have created the following Covid safety framework which needs to be adhered to strictly when attending Glasshouse Yoga classes. Please read thoroughly.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING - Class numbers halved, 2m space between mats. Please take care to leave your belongings ideally in a bag, or in a tidy pile on one of the benches/tables around the edges of the Glasshouse.

  • VENTILATION - All windows and doors to remain open throughout.

  • CLEANLINESS - Sanitiser on-site.

  • MATS & TOWELS - Please bring your own Yoga mats*, Yoga mat cleaner spray, and small sweat towels only. Please be careful your sweat towel doesn’t make contact with any part of the Glasshouse interior (ie keep it on your mat/in your bag).

  • SYMPTOMS - If you appear symptomatic you may not be admitted. Please do not attend class if you think you might have any of the Covid19 symptoms. Please let us know ASAP if you experience symptoms or are diagnosed with Covid within 14 days of attending a Glasshouse Yoga class.


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Covid Safety Framework For Classes At Work

We’ve followed and Active UK guidelines to create a safety framework for returning to on-site corporate classes. This framework will be updated as and when government and expert bodies recommend. Risk assessments for individual sites will be undertaken by our instructors, available to you on request. On-site classes possible from 17th May.


  • SOCIAL DISTANCING - Class numbers reduced where necessary (your teacher will perform a risk assessment and decide on maximum class numbers which need to be maintained strictly), 2m space between mats. ‘Changing room’ areas need to be assessed (ie. only 3 people in the changing room at a time etc.).

  • VENTILATION - If there is no sufficient air conditioning system in place (‘Covid approved’) then all windows and doors to remain open throughout, plus use of a fan if possible (overhead to blow through the room, not recirculate air in a room.

  • ONE-WAY SYSTEM - If possible, and already in place within your office setting.

  • CLEANLINESS - Sanitiser on-site, and bring your own mat policy. Only using rental mats if there is a 72hr buffer during which the mats are stored and have no human contact. Rental mats to be cleaned before and after class with disposable paper wipes Dettol based spray preferred.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Covid framework, and the reinstatement of on-site wellness. We are here for you and happy to help!


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